.spa is a Top Level Domain (TLD) focusing on 3 primary stakeholders

1. Spas and wellness centers, and spa and wellness professionals and users who wish
to brand themselves as a legitimate and inclusive part of the spa and wellness
2. Corporate and business entities such as società per azioni and sociedad por
acciones to distinguish themselves from other businesses or subsidiaries.
3. Brands and businesses that wishes to leverage on the sense of peace, tranquillity
and inclusiveness that a .spa domain enables.

.spa is a community-driven initiative, and part of every registration fee goes towards the development of the spa and wellness community and in the democratization of wellness globally.


Why .Spa?

If you are in the spa and wellness industry, a .spa name is as clear as you can get in explaining and promoting your business! It instantly establishes you as a serious and professional entity and boost consumer confidence.

Not restricted to just business names, individual professionals such as spa therapists, aromatherapists, trainers etc should get a .spa name for their social media account and email.

Similarly, if you trade and supply to the spa and wellness industries, such as spa equipment, treatment bed, jacuzzi etc, .spa name surely enhance your brand positioning.

But .spa is not just for the spa industry!

If you are a water filter manufacturer or are in the home sanitation business, why not add a sense of tranquillity and pure hygiene to your brand by using a .spa name?

And for the thousands of S.p.A., stand out with a domain built just for you!



The .spa domain will be open for registration globally in April 2021. To be updated on this, register your email below: